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The Euro Advanced Academy is uniquely qualified to nurture stylists into confident artists, allowing them to follow their true passion and specialize in either coloring or haircutting. While providing a fun and creative educational environment, our Advanced Academy is founded on the European tradition in both methodology and overall commitment to excellence.

From hundreds of applicants, we select a handful of licensed hairdressers as our Advanced Academy students. Focused on achieving the highest European standard of hairdressing skills, we offer intensive education geared towards specialization in a chosen field (haircutting or coloring). Both modern, European design and the innovative techniques developed by the Rolfs Brand are the constant themes. Once exposed to the highest artistic and technical standards in the industry, we believe that each stylist will develop his/her own unique and personal flair. "From hundreds of applicants, we select a handful of licensed hairdressers as our Advanced Academy students."

The Euro Advanced Academy training program is both personal and intense, with classes held over a period of 4-8 months and no more than 12 students per class. Our Master Educators provide daily, hands-on oversight with a 3-month ongoing rotation cycle across the full spectrum of services. In addition to formalized education, our students work with clients in our salon under the supervision of Master Educators, participate in fashion shows and our numerous community charity events.

In order to graduate from the Euro Advanced Academy, in addition to monthly evaluations, a day-long final test is required. Following graduation, the learning never stops.

Through our ongoing education programs, we offer students and our entire staff opportunities to constantly perfect their skills and master the newest trends and techniques straight from international runway collections. The Euro Advanced Academy also regularly invites national and international experts and teachers (from New York, Milan, Paris, London, Sydney, etc.) for a wide range of unique, highly specialized training seminars.

If you’re looking to translate your talent and passion for haircutting or coloring into an exciting career as a world-class professional, we invite you to give us a call to schedule an interview.